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Dr. Shiffman has been performing non-scalpel vasectomies since 1992. Originally
trained by Dr. Phillip Li, a Urologist and pioneer of the non-scalpel technique from
Cornell, Dr. Shiffman was one of the first 5 physicians to perform this technique
in Canada.

Non Scalpel Vasectomy

The non-scalpel, non-needle vasectomy technique is associated with almost no discomfort and the risk of complications, as compared with the traditional “scalpel” method, is significantly reduced. There is a small puncture wound ( a few millimetres in length) rather than an incision, and stitches are not required to close the wound. The pressure injector system allows for the administration of local anaesthetic quickly with much less freezing than would be required with a needle. The technique is virtually flawless allowing for complete comfort during the vasectomy.

Dr. Howard Shiffman was trained in Non Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) in 1992 by one of the early pioneers of the technique, Dr Philip Li, and he has extensive experience in performing this procedure.